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  About was found by in 2002 by a herbalist and holistic-helper, Puneet Aggarwal. Recognized widely through the Internet, Puneet loves to help people in need. was established to help people solve their back and neck pain problems.

When you are in pain, especially any kind of skeleto-muscular pain or specifically some type of Spondylosis, all your doctor can do is, prescribe you a painkiller, anti-inflammatory pill, or advise you to do some basic exercises by taking help from a physical trainer. All this would just lead to temporary results, and as soon as you attempt to withdraw the pain-killing pill, the pain would start again.

Addressing this need, Puneet was determined enough to find a natural answer. He consulted his team of experienced Ayurvedic physicians who helped him formulate a unique all-natural formula containing indigenous Ayurvedic herbs, we now know as CERVIRITE.

Cervirite is now available throughout the world, including India. We do have facility for online-payment, however you just need to send us an email first. We would be glad to send you an order link thereafter. To send us an email, please click here

We provide extensive support to all our customers.
We have a Support-Desk where we promptly answer your questions.

In most cases, Puneet directly answers your queries. Send him your health-questions at :

Vision of Cervirite
  • Helping people by exposing the shortcomings of the conventional medical system and showing them the path to adopting an alternative lifestyle
  • Transforming the way, people with back pain (or any kind of pain) are evaluated and treated
  • To bring all-round, lasting relief to the millions of pain sufferers worldwide so that they can regain control of their lives.
  • To specifically address all types of Spondylosis (Cervical Spondylosis), Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing etc.

As we work to achieve our vision, we will always strive to deliver more than we promise and give every customer and client a WOW experience they cannot wait to tell their friends about. Please note that in case you have any questions about the product, please submit a support-ticket to us at and we will send you a reply in quickest time possible.

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"I am 64 and a patent of cervical spondylitis, cervirite has given me remarkable relief. I never expected that this would happen so fast, Great Product, Keep it up!"
- Harbans Singh New Delhi

"I give this product, two thumbs up for the help it offers. My back is feeling better and better everyday. Cervirite did exactly what you said it does. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. Doctor had given up on me, and had advised surgery. But Cervirite made me avoid it. Its surprising that so much could be packed into a single natural supplement like this !"
- Kathy R, Spain.

" Thank You Cervirite ! My Mom says her back is definitely getting better and that she didn't think anything could get better at 88."
- Karen