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  lumbarite.jpg The Revolutionary Approach in the Treatment of Lower Back Problem
Lumbarite works on the principle of Ayurveda. It is an ideal supplement for Lumber Spondylosis. It acts as an Anti-degerative agent and helps to strengthen the lumbar discs, the ligaments, the muscles and nerves in the lumbosacral region. It also takes care of pacifying the “apana vayu”.

LUMBARITE is a product, a unique ayurvedic supplement drawn from the concepts of Ayurveda explained below. It offers a total solution to the problems like types of LUMBAR Spondylosis, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Lac of Sensation, Herniated inter-vertebral disk and other vertebral and skeleto-muscular problems. Lumbarite offers excellent relief from the para-vertebral muscular spasms and thereby alleviates the pain. Regular use of LUMBARITE also helps in prevention of episodes. By regular usage, it helps to prevent the loss of elasticity of the disks thereby reducing the chances of disk herniation and also in retarding the spondylotic changes by its unique action.

In Structural Correction of
Disc Chemistry & Muscular Relaxation
Helps to relieve Strain & Sprain
Halt the Degeneration & Nourishes the Disc
Help to correct Disc Damage
Help to repair nerve Damage
Heals Muscular Strain
Help to heal Ligamental Injury
Avoid Painfull surgery
100% Natural
NO side effects

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"I am 64 and a patent of cervical spondylitis, cervirite has given me remarkable relief. I never expected that this would happen so fast, Great Product, Keep it up!"
- Harbans Singh New Delhi

"I give this product, two thumbs up for the help it offers. My back is feeling better and better everyday. Cervirite did exactly what you said it does. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. Doctor had given up on me, and had advised surgery. But Cervirite made me avoid it. Its surprising that so much could be packed into a single natural supplement like this !"
- Kathy R, Spain.

" Thank You Cervirite ! My Mom says her back is definitely getting better and that she didn't think anything could get better at 88."
- Karen