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A Unique time-tested Supplement based on Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis and Spinal disorders like Fibromyalgia, Herniated Disc , Myofascial Pain , Skeleto-muscular problems etc.

CERVIRITE is one of the very few proven Ayurvedic herbal supplement made from time-tested herbs for Cervical Spondylosis (Spondylitis) or ankylosing spondylitis. Cervical spondylosis causes sensory / motor symptoms of posterior head & neck, shoulders,upper limb regions as pain, numbness, burning, weakness etc. Ayurvedic medicine offers conservative treatment as oral & external medication. This herbal medicine can help you reverse the disease-process giving decongestion of the spinal canal & nerve-root bony outlets which can relieve cervical spondylosis. Suppleness of the spinal joints results by dissolution of osteophytes & arresting the ongoing degenerative changes.


Explanation of Cervical Spondylosis by theory of Ayurveda

Ayurveda understands the functioning of the body as comprising of three basic functions - Movement, Change and growth & stability, which are referred to as the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These doshas in a state of equilibrium lead to health and in-equilibrium to diseases. The disturbance to any one of these ultimately leads to problems related to all the three functions. Treatment in Ayurveda is aimed at restoring the equilibrium through correction of the underlying functional in-equilibrium.

Cervical Spondylosis is a type of arthritis affecting the cervical and the intervertebral discs of the spines, producing pain in the neck region. It is termed as cervical spondylosis. The main causative factor is the aging of bones and joints. Trauma, incorrect posture of body, prolonged typing or writing with flexion of neck aggravates the symptoms. When this disease becomes chronic in nature, giddiness numbness of hands and even paraplegia can occur. The sacrum is situated in the Vata area of the body and this disease is caused by aggravated Vata and ama (toxins), which cause stiffness and reduce mobility in this area. Treatment involves detoxification and elimination of ama and also a Vata pacifying diet, lifestyle and herbal preparations.

In Ayurveda this condition is known as Griva Sandhigata Vata. Pain in the back of neck, shoulder and arms, stiffness of the neck and even paraplegia occur due to this condition. The movement of the spine generally aggravates the pain of the neck. It is often associated with loss of memory and sleeplessness.The deranged Vata energy is responsible for the typical symptoms such as neck pain, restricted movement of neck, pain radiating to shoulders and arms, tingling sensation in the fingers etc.

Proposed Treatment in Ayurveda for Cervical Spondylosis

Ayurvedic Treatment comprises of three approaches, Elimination (Shodhanam), of the accumulated toxic products of  digestion, metabolism and the disease process , Pacification (Shamanam) and correction of the entities responsible for altered functioning and Rejuvenation (Rasayanam) of the bodily tissue to regain and maintain natural strength and vitality.

Vata, the principle of movement is the predominant function with the skeleto-muscular system and the nervous system. Problems relating to these systems are predominantly caused by vitiated Vata. The vitiation of vata  is caused by two mechanisms. One of them is obstruction to vata due to malfunctioning of kapha and pitta. The other one is increase of vata independently (the degenerative problems).

How does CERVIRITE help you in Cervical Spondylosis ? 

CERVIRITE is a product, a unique ayurvedic supplement drawn from these concepts of Ayurveda. It offers a total solution to the problems like types of cervical spondylosis, fibromyalgia, herniated inter-vertebral disk, myofascial pain syndrome and other vertebral and skeleto-muscular problems. Cervirite offers excellent relief from the para-vertebral muscular spasms and thereby alleviates the pain. Regular use of CERVIRITE also helps in prevention of episodes. By regular usage, it helps to prevent the loss of elasticity of the disks thereby reducing the chances of disk herniation and also in retarding the spondylotic changes by its unique action. 

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Ingredients in CERVIRITE and their mechanism of action :
(Each Softgel has 625 mg of Sesame oil medicated with 25 herbs)

  • Sesame oil which is base of the product is the most important components in the treatment of diseases of Vata and has the ability to strengthen and prevent degeneration of bones & cartilages. It also helps in relieving muscular spasms. Sesame oil adopts the medicinal properties of the herbs with which it is medicated. Hence CERVIRITE is prepared by medicating sesame oil with herbs which are renowned in the treatment of diseases due to Vata ( Degenerative conditions ) and with milk (Ksira)
  • Dashmoolam present in cervirite ( The ten roots ) are among the most widely used herbs in the treatment of all diseases of Vata. They are also specifically nervine tonics.
  • Yava (Hordeum vulgare) , Kola (Zizyphus jujuba)  & Kultha (Dolichos biflorus) are very effective as anti-spasmodics. They are also effective externally as poultices to relieve pain and rigidity.
  • Bala (Sida Cordifolia) is one of the most powerful nervine tonics and it is also very helpful in strengthening the muscles and tendons. It is also an analgesic.
  • The Madhura Ghana is a group of  herbs, specifically useful for rejuvenation of tissues. These herbs help to rejuvenate and re-hydrate the inter-vertebral disks when used in combination with sesame oil.
  • Bala and Bilwa (Aegle Marmelos, one of the ten roots) and Ashwagandha ( part of Madhura gana) have  analgesic action and help to relieve the pain associated with nerve root compression.
  • Devadaru (Cedrus Deodora) & Sarala (Pinus Longifolia) are anti-spasmodics and help to relieve local pain due to para-vertebral muscle spasm.
  • Amrutha(Tinosporia Cordifolia), MadhukaManjishta (Rubia Cordifolia) are renowned anti-inflammatory herbs and they help to overcome the associated inflammation in acute conditions.
  • Ksira(Milk) is renowned as a tonic for the skeleto-muscular and nervous systems, the seats of Vata.
  • Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus Pluricalis) and Pushkarmoolam (Inula Racemosa) provides relief in stress, anxiety and tension associated with these conditions.
  • The other ingredients render synergestic action with the main herbs to enhance action, reduce possible ill-effects and to balance the formula for use by people of different constitutions.
Dosage : For Chronic Spondylitis and spinal canal problems, 3 softgels thrice a day. After the symptoms improve, wean off to a maintaineance dose of 2 softgels thrice a day. In mild cases, take a dose of 2 softgels thrice a day for 90 days.


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"I am 64 and a patent of cervical spondylitis, cervirite has given me remarkable relief. I never expected that this would happen so fast, Great Product, Keep it up!"
- Harbans Singh New Delhi

"I give this product, two thumbs up for the help it offers. My back is feeling better and better everyday. Cervirite did exactly what you said it does. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. Doctor had given up on me, and had advised surgery. But Cervirite made me avoid it. Its surprising that so much could be packed into a single natural supplement like this !"
- Kathy R, Spain.

" Thank You Cervirite ! My Mom says her back is definitely getting better and that she didn't think anything could get better at 88."
- Karen